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Health Kinesiology

Everything we experience, our cells make a memory of. When there is something that causes stress or imbalance, the cells need to be able to let go of the memory so the body can mend and not be stuck on repeat. In my own journey of healing I have experienced many different healing modalities. There are so many wonderful and excellent practices available. The first time I had a Health Kinesiology session was the first time I felt the release I had been searching for. For years. I literally felt the enormous weight of trauma lift and it didn’t return. Because of the life changing experiences I had with HK, I decided to learn and practice the modality myself to help others.

When someone comes in for HK they lay down and I use muscle testing (bioenergetic kinesiology) to ask their body what it wants to work on and how it wants to work on it. The work itself can be a wide variety of “corrections”, sometimes it is a word or phrase to think, sometimes its holding points on the body, using oils, flower remedies, stones, cosmic batteries, magnets or whatever the body asks for.  


People come in for many different reasons. Some people want to clear out trauma from a specific event or time of life, some want to work on physical complaint(s) only, some want to free up any cluttered areas for optimal personal growth. Anything can be worked on through HK if the body is ready. When it comes to Midwifery and HK, some women come in to work on trauma and fear from a previous birth like a C-section, hospital transport, or a long and very difficult birth. Some women find it helpful to work on fear of pain or being open or letting people care for them. The options are endless!



"Health Kinesiology has been an important part of my personal wellness program since I found it in 2013. It’s a subtle yet powerful path to true healing that I’ll utilize for the rest of my life. I’ve had more success with this method than any other type of healing, and I’ve tried a lot of them! If you’re hesitating about whether to try HK for anything - be it physical, emotional or energetic, wait no longer. It is as close to practical magic as it gets.April is an ideal guide — always holding space for what your body might need and offering a steady, intuitive hand along the way. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!"


"I discovered April and Health Kinesiology about a year ago and I must say it has changed my life. I am life long sufferer of anxiety and depression and through HK work, my symptoms have lessened. I finally feel I can live life without my nagging worry and enjoy the things I once avoided. I am such a strong believer in HK, that my husband and daughter have also seen April. Health Kinesiology and April have truly changed our lives for the better."


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