Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer home birth in other areas besides Bozeman?

Yes! I will travel to surrounding areas. Recently, I have attended births in Livingston, Ennis & Emigrant. I will travel to Whitehall, Helena, Butte, Gardiner, Shields Valley, Big Timber, Ruby Valley and Paradise Valley. If you live outside of a 30 mile radius of Bozeman, we will discuss the travel fee.

What is the charge for your service?

Please call or e-mail to inquire. I offer a cash pay discount for people who are uninsured or have Medicaid. I give a detailed breakdown with all required codes for you to submit to your insurance company after the birth.

Do you include apprentices in your practice?

Yes, I very much believe in teaching the art and tradition of midwifery to other women who want to carry on the torch. Abigail is my apprentice; she attends many of the prenatal and postpartum appointments. She attends all births as my birth assistant. As she advances in her apprenticeship and skill set, she is closely involved with all aspects of care.

Do you use herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, etc. during the course of care and at the birth?

Oh yes! As someone who was raised in “alternative medicine”, I have years of experience and knowledge of non-allopathic remedies. Also, licensed midwives do not have prescriptive authority so we must have knowledge of ways to remedy discomforts with whole foods, nutritional supplements and complementary therapies. Herbal medicine is a long steeped tradition of midwifery care.

What if there is a complication?

We are trained in emergency management, are certified in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. We bring oxygen and pharmaceuticals to use in the case of managing a hemorrhage. If we need to go to the hospital we do not hesitate to call 911 or transport to the closest hospital for the next level of care.

What if we need to go to the hospital during labor?

Occasionally during labor there are situations that can arise that require transport. This can include need for pain medication, maternal exhaustion, failure to progress, fetal distress, retained placenta, hemorrhage, and the need for I.V. fluids. In the case of transport, I accompany the woman and her partner to the hospital.  My goal is always to have a healthy mama and a healthy baby and sometimes the hospital is a part of fostering the desired outcome.

Are you comfortable with water birth? Do you have a birth tub for rent?

Yes and yes! Water is an excellent pain reliever for many women. As long as labor still progresses in the water and there are no complications, the baby can be born in the water.