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Testimonials of families that have worked with April

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I couldn't possibly say enough good things about April. She has been my rock through 5 pregnancies and births. I loved going to my prenatal appointments, she is very easy to talk to and she encouraged my husband and I to ask questions so that we always felt comfortable with our decision to have a home birth. April is very knowledgeable and experienced, she made me feel safe and confident during each birth. She was literally there every step of the way. Even after the birth, she assisted with all things baby, including issues I had with nursing. We wouldn't choose anyone else to help bring our babies into the world. We love you so much April and couldn't possibly thank you enough for all you've done for our family! 

- Cortany

I am so glad that we worked with April.  My wife and I knew we wished to have our baby born at home, this was very important to us.  Luckily, a friend recommended we speak with April and immediately we had confidence!!  We knew we had found the right person to help us understand the birth process and to support us through having a successful, healthy, and beautiful home birth. I cannot recommend April highly enough.  She brings both an acute medical and clinical knowledge combined with her warmth, humor, personal clarity, and strength, we felt comfortable and supported throughout our entire birth process.  Also, we really enjoyed each meeting with April!!  Along with her high level of professionalism, working with April is a lot of fun.

- Campbell


When I went into labor I had known April for all of about an hour, 26 hours later I had a beautiful baby boy and a new friend. April facilitated the labor and birth of my child exactly how I needed it to go, she made it possible for me to do as much as I could on my own and with my husband, while remaining ever constantly a guiding force and the reassuring presence we needed to push through. While most of that day is a blur, the memory of April’s face and voice is clear, validating my decisions and encouraging me to do what was needed to bring my baby into the world. She remained calm and sensible and never lost her sense of humor. After the birth, April was invaluable while I struggled with breastfeeding and the generalities of new motherhood. Her caring, compassion and level headedness were huge reasons why I succeeded in breastfeeding, she made it possible for us to not only have the labor and birth we wanted, but also to start our parenting journey out right. Thank you April!

- Jenny

When I got pregnant with my second child I immediately called April. She was my midwife throughout my first pregnancy and I just knew that I wanted her to join me on this journey again. This pregnancy for me was filled with anxiety and fear. I would look forward to my appointments with April, because she was always so reassuring and calming. On the morning of February 9th, I called April to let her know that there had been a shift.,I felt like maybe I was going into labor. Once again her strong guidance, helped me stay calm until her arrival, once she arrived things were really starting to progress. She was so wonderful at sensing when I needed space and when I needed guidance. My labor was intense, my baby was sunny side up, and I had a lot of back labor. She rubbed my back for hours. Some how, throughout the pain and chaos, she helped me feel like a queen. When my body was ready to push, I was exhausted. I didn't have any energy left, I remember looking at April, I told her I couldn't do it, I was done. She put her hand on my leg, smiled and said. "Yes. You. Can." Her, confidence in me, in the woman's body, gave me the strength I needed. My beautiful baby boy was born on February 10th, into the loving hands of April Mellito.  I am so blessed that I had April to join me on this journey for the second time, I felt so incredibly supported, both physically and emotionally. Bringing a child into the world is an incredible experience, an experience that is even more rewarding when you have someone like April by your side. Someone to give you strength when you have none, peace of mind when you are filled with doubt and can make you laugh when your hormones get the best of you.

- Sadie

Holding Newborn
I had my two births at home with this wonderful woman, and I can’t say enough of the beautiful peaceful experience I have had with April by our side. She is so knowledgeable, kind and caring which made me trust in her completely and when birthing at home, I think that is key to be able to be confident and have a good experience over all. I recommend her 100% and I wish every woman could have such a caregiver as her.

- Ada

After a horrible experience at the hospital delivering my first child, I decided to try a different route with my second. That’s what lead me to the Bozeman Birth Center where I had outstanding care from the midwifes there. April did my last final checkups as well as stood by my side while I delivered my baby, she was cool, calm and relaxed. She made the birthing processes a dream! Fixing me a warm bath and making sure I took care of my self before and afterwards, she was so strong and calm and knowledgeable when it came to my newborn. I felt extremely comfortable and safe, she also gave me some wonderful alternatives to traditional ways of dealing with a few mild health issues that saved me time and money and worked like a charm! It was the best experience of my life having a natural birth with my baby and I so owe April for the majority of that!

- Alison

Having a home birth was the most amazing experience of my life.  From prenatal to postpartum April has the knowledge and skills to make it possible and comfortable, thank you so much April.

- Jason

April is an amazing midwife.  She really got to know my partner and I over the course of 9 months and this helped us to be calm and confident during my son's birth (4 hours of labor total!). I felt reassured after every visit that she heard me, she heard my fears and tribulations about having a natural birth, about what was "normal" and really helped to guide me on the crazy journey that is bringing a new life into this world!  April is caring, smart, and a seriously awesome midwife!

- Sara

I have consistently been impressed by the care that April has given me and my family, she has truly become a dear friend that we all adore. I am a Mama of 5-all delivered vaginally at home, April has been involved with my last 3 home births.  She is a great communicator and listener, I love that I can speak with her about any concerns or questions I have. If she doesn’t know the answer to something she admits it and then she will find out for you!  Most of all she is reliable, you can count on her to be there for you every step of the way and in tune to your needs. I would not have had such wonderful, beautiful births without her by my side. We love you April!

- Cassie

April delivered both of my beautiful daughters, the second of which was born at home. The care I received from April throughout the pregnancy was excellent, she was very attentive and knowledgeable. My sweet baby girl decided to make her grand entrance to the world nine days late, and April was very patient and encouraging while I was on the brink of losing my marbles with each passing day (this is according to my husband). The night my second daughter was born will forever be among my fondest memories, we had the most amazing home birth and April helped my husband and I bring all 10 lbs 6 oz of baby girl into the world gently and naturally. We had a little scare a few days after she was born and April was available and supportive as we spent the afternoon at the hospital and pediatrician's office. Overall with April's help I had an amazing pregnancy and birth both times, and look forward to doing it all again!

- Mary

I couldn’t recommend April more! She has love and compassion for pregnant mothers and families, she helped us have the experience we wanted in our final pregnancy. She helped me feel confident that I could support my wife in any way that she needed and always backed us up no matter how we were feeling and helped us through fear, anxiety and excitement. We love April and know anyone who chooses to use her services will love her as much as we do.

- Tyler

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